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Imagine your worst hangover, or perhaps some bad morning sickness… that’s how I felt waking up every morning for the past four years.

I would wake up nauseous and it wouldn’t go away until nearly dinner time. After 4 years of this I lost 45 pounds and I was always tired and weak; even when my appetite did return, there were very few foods I could stomach. Despite all this, doctors continued to tell me I was “perfectly healthy”.

FOUR YEARS of letting this sickness run my life, countless doctors visits and tests, tons and tons of research, and still no idea what it was or any hope of getting better. Last Christmas, when I was at my absolute worst, I realized that it had been four freaking years since this started, and I felt like this random mystery illness had taken my whole life away from me. I decided that 2018 would be the year I got some answers and took my life back!

I’m Tori & this is my story of healing myself with plants + a bit of spirituality